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PeriopSim Customer Success Stories



Renton Technical College

July 2022

It helped me overcome the students' lack of preparedness when they came into the lab. Prior to working with PeriopSim, we were in the lab once a week and I'd have to spend a lot of time up front explaining things such as passing and anticipation. Now they get to learn and experience this prior to coming into the lab."

- Megan Graham, Surgical Technology Program Primary Instructor

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Bunker Hill Campus

Bunker Hill Community College

March 2022

The students that did use [PeriopSim] seem to do really well in clinicals, although we had a lot of good students. I noticed on PeriopSim that this student had been practicing with the Craniotomy modules. When I went to observe her during clinicals, she knew some of the instruments more than you would expect a student who's in her very first clinical semester to know."

- Jayne MacPherson, Department Chair

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SOWELA student using VR

SOWELA Technical Community College

August 2021

“They’re practicing in an environment that's safe. They can make a mistake on [PeriopSim] without a patient involved and that learning can be repeated. That repetition and active learning helps them retain what they learned and they can transfer it into actual practice."

- Amy Broussard, Surgical Technology Program Director

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Fletcher Technical Student using PeriopSimVR

Fletcher Technical Community College

July 2021

"I'm so happy we were able to renew for a second year so we can create even more possibilities for the students' learning through simulation. Orthopedic equipment can be expensive to purchase, so this is a great way for the students to get a good orthopedic foundation that extends beyond videos and the limited equipment schools may have."

- Lindsay Henderson, Surgical Technology Dept. Head/Instructor


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Vernon College Surg Tech Students



April 2021

"It became more appealing after the pandemic hit and I realized that this was a great way to keep students engaged in the lab, getting familiar with the settings prior going into clinical learning."

-Jeff Feix, Surgical Technology Program Coordinator

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Contra Costa Community College Students

Contra Costa Community College

March 2021

"Our school had never taught online at all, and we had to move to a fully online platform due to the pandemic within days."

- Maria Duran Ruiz, Director of Surgical Technology

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Advanced College Lab

Advanced College

February 2021

"49% of our learning can be done online and is accepted by our accreditation board (COE). Therefore 405 hours of learning for each student will be covered by PeriopSim."

- Dr. Ghazanfar Mahmood, Chief Academic Officer

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James Rumsey Surg Tech Student using PeriopSim

James Rumsey Technical Institute

January 2021

"The software (PeriopSim VR) knows the instrument was handed wrong and when the hands are dropped below the table. That's really good, I like that!"

- Jessica Firl, Surgical Technology Program Director

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Northwestern Michigan Students' Grades on PeriopSim Dashboard

Northwestern Michigan College

November 2020

"Their (students’) testing is better than my cohorts in the past and I can see the difference. The students understand the instruments and the procedures a little bit better since they can anticipate what is going to happen."

- April Kesler, Surgical Technology Program Coordinator

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West Virginia Northern Students using PeriopSimVR

West Virginia Northern Community College

October 2020

"The easiest part [about integrating VR] was getting the students to like it. As soon as they have it on, they're excited about it. It was way easier giving them assignments through PeriopSim during the Zoom sessions than having them sit and listen. Everyone loved the reality of it."

- Erin Carr, Surgical Technology Adjunct Faculty

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Richland Surg Tech students using PeriopSim Desktop

Richland Community College

August 2020

"PeriopSim really gives [the students]  a chance to make mistakes without anyone else there and now they come into lab without making as many mistakes. So they’re feeling more confident in lab and progressing into clinical more confident than they’ve ever been. I think that is a benefit of PeriopSim."

- Brooke Oliver, Surgical Technology Program Director

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Southern Tech Student in Lab

Southern Technical College-Fort Myers

April 2020

"The idea is to continue using the application during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. When the students finish their lab skill classes, there is a lot of hands on and they can use PeriopSim as practice prior to National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) test."

- Essy Dariarow, Director of Education

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