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Case Study

133 Learners clocking more than 414 hours of simulation across 5 procedures and 24 instrument sets.
The result is an education productivity increase of 2,483 hours or more than one year of effort for a preceptor or an educator.
On a five-point grading scale the average satisfaction score is 4.8. After orientation, students are hungry for content.
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What happens from a budget perspective is commonly we're asked to do things faster and less expensively. We're trying to streamline and reduce the time in orientation. One of the ways we are able to do that is by using this platform and knowing that our new millennials love this kind of new hands-on virtual reality application.

Amy Boone
System Director for Perioperative Services, University Hospitals in Cleveland

As an educator it has freed up a lot of my time to work with the students that aren't getting it. I think it was a great way to spend our educational dollars. I think we are more than getting our money back on it.

Maggie (Francesca) Logterman
Team Lead, Professional Development Specialist, University Hospitals in Cleveland

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As an IT leader I want to enable our clinicians with the latest cutting-edge technology. I'm very happy with the adoption and outcome. Seeing how quickly and eagerly the students engaged with the VR technology made it clear to me that it was absolutely worth the effort.

Chris Parvin
End User Computing Architect at University Hospitals in Cleveland

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