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PeriopSim Customer Success Stories


Amy Boone, Service Line Administrator at MetroHealth Systems

MetroHealth Systems

October 2021

"By the time the Learner enters the OR, they have a level of expertise that really puts them a better position to be successful. That's really the recipe for success - when you can walk into the room and not be the 'Deer in the Headlights!"

- Amy Boone, Service Line Administrator

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Gert Mayes

Rutland Regional Medical Center

July 2020

"My last group said the hip modules really helped them understand the procedure."

- Carole "Gert" Mayes, Clinical Educator II/IRB Coordinator

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University of Houston Nursing Students

University of Houston, College of Nursing

July 2020

"In [the students’] course evaluation, by name they said, ‘We love PeriopSim. We’re so glad we got to use it.’ Thirty-something people out of 48 ranked it 4.8 out of 5"

- Danielle Quintana, Clinical Assistant Professor, Interim Second Degree BSN Track Manager

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UH in Cleveland Learners

University Hospitals in Cleveland

January 2020

"It brings this kind of energy to our periop orientation that we didn't have before. There's excitement for us, but there's also excitement for the students. They love using it."

- Amy Boone, Systems Director for Perioperative Services

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