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Enhance Hard Skills Training And Competency Assessment

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The Ultimate Simulation Solution for Surgical Training.

Improve and Assess Anticipation and Instrumentation Skills.

A cutting-edge simulation-based training that assesses competency instrumentation, steps of the procedure, and anticipating the surgeon. Anticipation is the most time-consuming thing to learn in surgical training, and PeriopSim can help. Ideal for training and assessment for various roles including, new hire RN, cross-training RN to scrub, student surgical technologist, new hire surgical technologist, cross-training surgical technologist, and student perioperative nursing.

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What to Expect with the Travelling VR Kit


 Experience the benefits of PeriopSim for yourself as a Surgical Educator. With this training system, your Learners can also conveniently access PeriopSim on desktop and tablet devices and will have the opportunity to practice surgical techniques and improve their skills and assess competency. We're confident that you'll be impressed with how much you can improve your training curriculum with PeriopSim. You can try it yourself, share the experience with leadership and evaluate if it is something you would like to integrate into your curriculum.

  1. Request your PeriopSim VR Travelling Kit today and experience the future of surgical training for 3 days.
  2. Have it delivered to your facility and test out VR simulation and assessment to enhance your curriculums, at no cost.
  3. After using the kit, share your experience with us by filling out a survey, posting on social media, and tagging us at #PeriopsimVR.
Request Our Travelling VR Kit Today!
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Kaiser Permanente requested the Travelling VR Kit and here is a post that talks about their experience.  

It is estimated that 1 hour of virtual reality training is equal to 8 hours of person-to-person training in the clinical setting.

Jenny Mendenhall Perioperative Consultant for Kaiser Permanente’s Patient Care Services

Kaiser Permanente LinkedIn Post
The simulator engages the students and gives them the confidence they need.  This preparation will contribute to the anticipation of the surgeon’s needs.

Marissa Gonzales Clinical Coordinator in Texas State Technical College’s Surgical Technology Program

Request Our Travelling VR Kit Today!